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It’s been ages since we lasted updated Ambrose Manor, and some important—really important—things have happened. For one, I re-discovered these two pictures, which are awesome.

Tags: Clown, kids, balloons, ennui, butt-arm, red visor, cowboys suck, terror

Tags: Clown, kids, balloons, ennui, butt-arm, red visor, cowboys suck, nightmares

If you couldn’t figure it out, Jaime is dressed up as the clown.

Here’s the other.

tags: monkey, scary, butt-arm, taunting

Tags: monkey, scary, butt-arm, taunting

If you couldn’t figure it out, I’m dressed up as the monkey.

So, the important developments:

I had a beard, then a mustache, then a beard again, now just a face.

Our cat, Choppy, has finally acclimated to her new home and enjoys staring out the window with such intensity and for so long that I envy her focus.

Jaime started a job at the University of Minnesota. It’s hard work, but she’s been doing a great job so far. She works with dentists, weirdly.

Now that the warm weather is returning, the snow that covered Minnesota for so long is finally gone. Even better news is that the Twins have a new ball park, and the season starts really soon (we have a 20-game season ticket plan, so we’ll be going a lot). Finally, we just found out that we’ve been given a 120 square foot plot in this community garden a block from our house. This is good because the soil in our yard is full of arsenic, which prevents us from growing root vegetables. The community garden has new-ish soil, so hopefully the carrots and potatoes I want to grow will thrive.

Oh, and Ambrose Manor will once again hit the road. I’m taking it to two weddings in May, so I’ll make sure to post pictures of the trip.

2 Responses to “Butt-Arming”

  1. Troy Says:

    Buttarm returns! It’s like a glorious breaking through the harsh, cold winter. Bask in its warm glow.

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