where am i?

Posted on July 7th, 2009 by jaimehotdish. Filed under uncategorized.

crappers.  something happened to the blog and i thought it was gone forever and i was sad, but it was always there, just hiding, waiting to be found.  i still don’t know what happened, but at least i found it, just in case i want to peruse or if anyone wants to visit.  for now, we’re still settling in our house, cleaning, painting, poop-scooping, and visiting with our awes mn friends.  anyway, the blog isn’t gone forever, and we might post things now and then that are interesting, because sometimes interesting things happen in minnesota.  yay!

6 Responses to “where am i?”

  1. UB Says:

    SO glad you found your blog. Now if only Jenny Miller could find hers. BTW, we will be in the Twin Cities en route to the BWCAW August 15th, crashing somewhere, and picking up OAK friends at MSP in the a.m. Mebbes we can meet at Bryant-Lake Bowl (or Key’s!) for breakfast. . .

    Also, we shall be returning through MSP with perhaps more time on the 25th August.

  2. jaimeho Says:

    yaay! YES! let’s break the fast on the 15th! woooohoooo!

  3. GUESS WHO Says:

    Jaime, something is not quit right with the formatting of the blog. check out the pictures. the coding is showing and something is wrong,it has a diffent look and it took forever for the comments to come up and they didn’t show on the main page like they used to do. Also you need Jacob to make a new mast head. all blue is boring.

  4. kristen Says:

    not to break up your breaking the fast plans, but i thought you guys were gonna be in telluride on Aug. 15?

  5. kristen Says:

    oh, wait. maybe it’s just jakes who’ll be in telluride. i was hoping you got your weekends mixed up. but i’m guessing not. poopers.

  6. Arsento Says:

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