in da hizouse!

Posted on July 2nd, 2009 by jaimehotdish. Filed under uncategorized.

So Jacob keeps on bugging me that “We should write a post!” and by “We” he means “Me” and I’m like “No way I’m done working every day on that thing.” But it’s kinda like a habit and here I am, in MY bed, in MY house, and I have a computer in front of me, so why not? Maybe Kristen will check to see if we’ve written anything new, maybe you will, who knows?

What I do know is that instead of setting cockroach baits and traps, people should clean up their food. Yes, m&m’s and chip crumbs in your bedroom will probably attract roaches, as will hamburger helper crusted into the couch. We didn’t have roaches when we left on this trip, and we’re sure as hell not going to have them for much longer. Aiii! Anyway, after 2 weeks of being “home,” aka, in Minnesota, we’re finally in our house!! There’s a ton of work to do and we still haven’t unpacked all of the nasty things in the garage covered in mouse doo-doo and tee-tee, but it’ll all get done, and if we ever never leave again we’ll hire The East Side Boys Rental Company (or The Crips or The Bloods) to take care of the management of our house.

4 Responses to “in da hizouse!”

  1. Briana Says:

    I’m still checking :)

  2. jaimehotdish Says:

    yay bri! ok, we’ll try to post some interesting stuff. we did travel to exotic red wing over the weekend…maybe we should write about it!

  3. Laura & Miles Says:

    Yeah, I’m still checking too… old habits die hard!

  4. kristen Says:

    i’m checking, i’m checking! and missing too.