morning coffee

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cafe Ambrose

Cafe Ambrose

Each morning, Jaime and I would wake up and ease into the day with a cup of coffee, as if we’d had a really arduous day the day before. Truth is, sleeping in Ambrose Manor was a hit-or-miss experience, depending on our surroundings, the squawkiness of the birds in the morning and the amount of alcohol consumed before going to bed. Regardless of the quality of sleep, we knew that moments after our first sip of coffee that the day would look full of possibilities.

I wanted to capture a typical morning with Jaime, which I did above. She’d usually crawl over to my side of the camper, read and caffeinate herself. I was a mirror opposite across from her.

Also, this picture makes Ambrose Manor look—whoa!—big. It’s larger on the inside than it looks from the outside, but this snapshot makes it appear downright cavernous.

2 Responses to “morning coffee”

  1. kristen Says:

    aww, i like this …

  2. cheryl Says:

    umm, you guys better still have a blog when you’re back in mpls. what am i gonna read during the day when i need an escape???